American Barber in Prague

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Born into a family of barbers, Kraig knew from a young age he too would become a barber. What he didn't know was the many paths his life would take. Adventures and mishaps. Health problems, impulsive decisions and a love of travel. All of this eventually formed a remarkable, adventurous story that took him from the American South to the very heart of Europe. In this book, Kraig reveals secrets and details from his past, and lets the reader embark on a remarkable journey with him through Mexico, the Bahamas, Paris, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine all the way to Prague - however, the story doesn't end here...
Autor Kraig Casebier
Datum vydání 30.11.2022
Jazyk čeština
Vazba Pevná
Počet stran 288
EAN 9788027712342
ISBN 978-80-277-1234-2
Originál American Barber in Prague
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